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Three Ways to Level Up Your Calligraphy

Three Ways to Level Up Your Calligraphy

So you’ve mastered the basics of calligraphy, but you want your letters to have a bit more personality.

Hello! I’m Milly, a calligrapher based in Bournemouth. You might recognise me from the Brush Lettering Taster Box. I run a business called Blink Lettering, and I absolutely LOVE to teach calligraphy.

Practising your calligraphy drills and using guidelines are SO important when it comes to learning how to create consistent beautiful calligraphy. Once you’ve built up the confidence to easily create letters and words with the drills, it’s time to start having fun. You’re ready to start exploring new forms of modern calligraphy and create your own style!

There are 3 ways you can start creating a unique calligraphy style; bounce, flourishing and composition. Not sure what these are? Then keep on reading!

Bounce calligraphy

This is a form of calligraphy where you start to break out of the guidelines. It adds a whimsical style to your calligraphy, and can be so fun to do! It’s important to not go too over the top when it comes to bounce calligraphy. If you start shifting your letters around too much, it can make the words hard to read!


Do you swoon over all those lovely swishes in calligraphy? Those are called flourishes! It can be a great way to add some style to your calligraphy. Adding flourishes can also be a great way to make your words feel a little more balanced. Each and every letter of the alphabet can have a flourish added to it, however, just like bounce calligraphy, less is more.



Ever tried to write 3 or more words in calligraphy and struggled with the layout? Composition is all about experimenting with the layout of words, to see how they fit together in the most aesthetically pleasing way. It’s best to start out doing this with little thumbnail sketches, so you can quickly experiment with what looks best. Once you have done this, you will have the confidence to create a final piece that looks totally unique.


You can use bounce calligraphy and flourishing to fill awkward spaces between letters and make it feel cohesive.


Ready to find your style?

I’ve created a BRAND NEW course called Better Brush Letters: Finding Your Style. This is a great course if you have learnt the basics of calligraphy and want to learn how to create your own unique calligraphy style. In it we will cover bounce calligraphy, flourishing and composition. You’ll build the confidence to create beautiful calligraphy pieces.


It starts on Monday 7th November, with an incredible Launch Party for all students. There are some amazing prizes to be won, including the Under the Rowan Trees Brush Lettering Taster Kit!


If you sign up before Sunday 6th November you can access the course for 55% off!


Head over to here to find out more and join in:


Keep up to date with Milly here:

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