Letter writing and Personalising them with Wax Seals

Here at Under The Rowan Trees we believe that letter writing is a lost art, and we're determined to bring it back into fashion. Not only is it extra special to receive a handwritten letter in the post, but it is also a lovely experience to sit down and write out your thoughts, feelings and stories!


The benefits of letter writing

  • Brings you closer to your loved ones
  • Makes your loved ones feel valued
  • Allows you to be more intentional with your communication (no furiously typing, half looking at your screen and relying on autocorrect!)
  • Lowers your screen time
  • Gives you something to keep and cherish

We are big fans of all of the above! 

And, if you are a bit creative, there are lots of ways you can jazz up your letters to make them extra special. Including using an old school wax seal!

Wax seals have been used for centuries to add a touch of elegance to letters. Obviously back in the day they were used for sealing letters, but now they are a lovely opportunity to add a bit of interest and creativity.

So, let's get into how to use them shall we?

Essential wax sealing supplies

To create a beautiful wax seal, you'll need a few key materials: Sealing wax, a melting spoon, a heat source such as a candle or lighter and a seal stamp. 

You can use a sealing wax stick which means you don't need a wax melting spoon. This is the most convenient way as you then only need a lighter or a match to melt the wax, but it can be a little bit harder to control where the wax drips. However, we quite like it this way, as it makes the end result a bit more rustic!

Sealing wax comes in various colours and stamps come in almost any design that you would like, so the world is your oyster!

How to use a wax seal

  • Light the wax stick and let it drip into a puddle, slightly smaller than the stamp. Make sure you are dripping the wax where you want it to stay.
  • Firmly press the wax seal stamp into the wax for a few seconds. 
  • Allow the wax to cool for about a minute before removing the stamp. If you feel resistance then leave the stamp a little longer. If you have any issues with the wax sticking to the stamp and pulling off your letter, try putting the wax into the fridge beforehand. This helps the wax to cool the wax down faster and prevent sticking. 

We recommend practising on scrap paper before going in for the final seal on your letter. The more you practise with your tools, the better you will know how to use them. 

Get creative with your wax seal

Not only is the plain wax seal lovely on it's own, but there are some cool ways to personalise and get creative with it too!

You can add embellishments like glitter and metallic flakes. You can also use the wax seal to attach things to your letters, like a sprig of lavender or dried flowers. 

Another way to embellish your stamps is to add metallic elements of gold and silver. You can do this by using gold leaf, gold powder or various pens. It is a lovely way to highlight the design on your stamp. 

We cannot wait to get started with our own letters! Our latest Rowan Berry Box After Dark, Inspired By Morris, has everything you need to start writing your letters and decorating them with beautiful wax seals. Why not give it a go and let us know how you get on! 


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