Essential Bullet Journal Supplies

Whether you have kept a bullet journal for years or are totally new to the concept, we've got the supplies you need to get started.

I'm all about making things simple and finding the best stationery for the task is going to make sure setting up and using your bullet journal is a pleasurable and productive experience.

If you are new to journaling you can find a quick guide to starting a bullet journal here and lots more resources at

Finding the right notebook is the first place to start and I've written a blog post about choosing the best journal for you here so I won't go into that again in this post.

Stickers and Washi Tape

Short on time, fed up with writing out dates or not feeling very artistic? Stickers and washi tape are quick and easy to use. Calendar tab stickers can add dates to your monthly pages whilst also creating a useful tab to help you find your page.

Washi is repositionable so if you don't get it straight the first time you can peel it off and try again. Ideal for adding to-do lists, dividing your page or edging a page to make it easy to find, washi tape is fun and flexible.

A Good Ruler

Even with the help of lines, dots or squares on a page, drawing a straight line freehand is not my strength. A good quality ruler with a strong straight edge is essential for drawing boxes, dividing a page or underlining key dates or titles.

An aluminium ruler is lightweight but won't get chips and nicks over time, unlike its plastic cousins.

Need something longer or shorter? We also stock folding rulers from 16 cm (only 8 cm when folded) to 50 cm.

A Really Good Black Fineliner

One that won't smudge, bleed or fade and that you can use with other pens, paints and inks. A good fineliner is needed for drawing columns, boxes, numbering pages and much more.

My all-time favourite would be a Sakura Pigma Micron. They come in lots of different sizes from almost invisible to a flexible brush pen. There is even an option with a plastic nib (rather than metal) for those of us who are a bit too heavy-handed for a delicate fibre tip. The metal tip is perfect for use with rulers and stencils to get a clean line.

The ink is archival which means that it is permanent and fade-resistant so can be used with watercolours and over/under other pens, pencils and inks.

Mechanical Pencil

Always sharp and ready to draw, write, sketch or mark out, a mechanical pencil is one of my favourite items of stationery. I particularly like the ones with a little eraser hiding in the top.

A metal tip means that they work much better with a ruler or stencil than a wooden pencil plus they are much sturdier and infinitely refillable.

You can choose from different lead widths and we stock different hardnesses so you can use them for shading and sketching too.

Coloured Pens

If you use your journal to plan your days (rather than memory keeping) colour coding is a great way to keep track of events or projects in your personal, family or work life.

I use the STABILO Point 88 jewel colours to colour code what my husband and son are up to as well as bills to pay and product launches.

I find it much easier to find what I need on my yearly or monthly overview rather than sifting though lots of information.


If you haven't already discovered Oops a Daisy stencils, I apologise in advance for your new addiction!

Jo and the team make amazing stencils created especially for journalling. They are ideal for those of us who want to be creative and produce artistic spreads and trackers but need a little bit more help.

Over the years we have been lucky to include several exclusive designs in our subscription boxes and this beginner bullet journal stencil was created just for us. It is ideal for anyone wanting to try out a journal stencil for the first time.

Sticky Notes

Need to make a quick note, organise your priorities, create a movable event? Sticky notes are your friend. They come in all shapes and sizes from page tabs to list pads.

I love to use sticky notes for focusing on my top three for the day. A to-do list of three items is much easier to tackle and makes you choose what really needs doing.

Writing an event or task on a sticky note means you can add it to your journal without committing to a date or list and can move it around as needed.


As well as colour coding, highlighters can be used to organise your notes, pick out key details or add some fun and colour easily.

We have tried out lots of different highlighter pens and they all have their merits. You need to think about how wide a line you want to be able to create. A chisel tip means that you can create a wider slab or use it on the side to create a thinner underline. Some, like Zebra Mildliners, have dual tips for even more flexibility.

The range of colours available grows constantly from retina-burning neons to barely there pastels so you can create a colour palette to suit your style.

A Really Special Pen

If you keep a long-form journal (write in more detail rather than just bullet points) you need a pen that makes writing a pleasure. Something that glides over the page smoothly and that is a pleasure to use.

There is the perfect pen out there for everyone and finding the right one can be trial and error so you need to think of your priorities.

I chose the Kaweco Vibrant Violet partly for its colour but mainly for how smooth the writing experience is. I love being able to choose from literally millions of fountain pen inks every time I refill it.

Losing it was a concern but as it lives with my journal in a special little pouch, it's very unlikely to happen. This is no handbag emergency pen, this is a pen to be treasured and enjoyed.

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