Washi Tape

Washi tape is a low tack paper tape ideal for use in journal and craft projects alike. Each roll contains between five and ten metres of tape in various widths. Look at the description of each washi tape to see it’s exact dimensions.

Originating in Japan, Washi is a  decorative masking tape that is low tack and can be used to add pattern and colour to almost any project, from creating pretty scrapbook borders to Christmas gift wrapping. Tear it, stick it, reposition it and write on it, there are endless possibilities.

Everyone needs a roll or two in their lives! I challenge you not to find something to stick it to!

Visit my Pinterest board to see some ideas for using your tape. I love to use it for gift wrapping and decorating parcels as well as to add colour and interest to my journal and diary. What’s not to love?

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