Etsy Activity Challenge

Etsy Activity Challenge

The idea of the Etsy Activity Challenge is to build a habit of being active in your shop as often as possible. Etsy rewards us for adding, editing and renewing listings by showing our products to more customers. It is good practice to be continually improving and updating your listings in line with changes made by Etsy or yourself and to keep things fresh for your customers.

Before we start to Grow on Etsy, we need a way to measure our progress. I have created a tracker which you can use to measure what you do this week and to monitor the impact of your activity on your views, visits, sales and revenue. Etsy does this for you so you just need to filter and fill in the boxes.

You can either print out the tracker or write directly onto the pdf using an app like Good Notes on your tablet.

Join the Facebook group to share and discuss your progress. We can help to keep eachother accountable by sharing what we have done each day.  Get ready for some hard work!

Etsy Activity Challenge - Monday

Happy Monday! You should have made a note of your stats for last week so that you can compare at the end of the Etsy Activity Challenge.

Today we are going to:

  1. Add one new listing. This might be something you’ve been meaning to add for ages or a variation on something you already have listed. Check out my listing planning sheet to help you with SEO.
  2. Edit two lisitngs. Use Marmalead to help you improve the tags and titles of two of your lisitngs. Keep a note of which ones.
  3. Renew three listings. If you look in your stats, you can see which listings are getting the least views. I would choose from these. Again, make a note.

Bonus: When did you last change your shop announcement? This is included in Etsy search so check it is upto date and that it tells customers a little about your store using some key words. Not too long. The detail goes elsewhere. The shop announcement appears just below your featured listings. To edit, go to settings, then info & appearance. You can see mine here: rowantreessupplies

Etsy Activity Challenge - Tuesday

Today we are going to repeat the first three steps from yesterday:

  1. Add one new listing.
  2. Edit two lisitngs. Try changing the photos today. How many of the 10 slots have you used? Sometimes a different thumbnail is all that’s stopping a listing from selling.
  3. Renew three listings. Check which listings haven’t sold for longest. Renew the three oldest listings.

Bonus: Update your shop owner info. This isn’t your personal profile but appears at the bottom of your shop when buyers scroll down. Your shop owner photo should be a happy smiley photo of you. People want to know who made their items. People buy from people so make it personal, upbeat and friendly. Try not to tell your entire life story! To edit it, go to settings, then about your shop. Multiple people working on your shop? Add them here too.

Happy Hump Day! You know the drill!

  1. Add one listing.
  2. Edit two listings. Today focus on your description. If your listind didn’t have photographs would someone know exactly what to expect?
  3. Renew three listings.

Bonus: Update your about section. This is where you can tell your customers all about your shop. Tell them about your processes, the materials you use, where you learned your skills, why you love about what you do. Keep it positive and friendly. Avoid the cliche ‘mum on Etsy’ or sob stories if you can. You want your customers to feel good about supporting you and your business. Click on settings, about your shop, and then story.

Etsy Activity Challenge - Thursday

The weekend is in sight! How are your stats looking? Guess what? Today we are going to:

  1. Add a new listing and share it on social media. Etsy have tools to help you do this.
  2. Edit two listings. Look at the detail of your listings. Do you have the dimensions in mm and inches? Do you have details about the materials used? Does the product need any care instructions?
  3. Renew three of your featured listings.

Bonus: Are your policies up to date? Etsy shows the date they were last updated. The date should be as recent as possible! Have you added a privacy policy to show that you are GDPR compliant?

Etsy Activity Challenge - Friday

It’s Fri-yay! Before you crack open the wine:

  1. Add one new listing. What about a Fiver Friday deal?
  2. Edit two listings. Have you described how the customer can use your item? Who would it make a perfect gift for?
  3. Renew three listings.

Bonus: Have a look at your sections. Are you happy with the order? Are their names relevant? Don’t use special characters or all caps as Etsy uses the section names in their searches. Leaving items without a category is a wasted opportunity to be found. If you have a lot of items, it makes it much easier for customers to browse your shop and find what they are looking for. Think carefully about how you organise your sections.

Etsy Activity Challenge - Saturday

My shop is busiest at the weekend. People enjoy browsing when they are not at work. Go on, give them something new to buy!

  1. Add a listing.
  2. Edit two listings. Have you made the most of the featrues offered in the listing? Adding the colour, occassion etc will help Etsy to show your listing to the right people.
  3. Renew three listings.

Bonus: when did you last change your featured listings? Have a think about which items are seasonal or which ones you really want to promote. It is the first thing customers see when they come to your shop so make sure the photos are excellent.

Etsy Activity Challenge - Sunday

Time for review and reflection. As well as completing your daily challenge, I want you to spend some time looking at your stats for the last seven days and reflecting on what has worked and what you are going to do to maintain the good habits. Some changes take longer to have an impact so this needs to be an ongoing way of working not just a one hit wonder. Perhaps not every day but at least a couple of times a week you should be tweaking listings, renewing those that haven’t sold for a while and adding new listings. Try to find a way that works for you. If you are a list maker, make a note in your planner or what you are going to do and then tick it off when you’ve done it. Feel free to keep using my tracker. Print off as many copies as you like.

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