Look inside our Rowan Berry Box for September - Stationery! - Under the Rowan Trees

Look inside our Rowan Berry Box for September - Stationery!

Our latest Rowan Berry Box was a bit different this month...

The amazing Lavi @MyInkyJournal agreed to create this stunning artwork for us and we are so pleased with how it turned out!

Read all about Lavi's inspiration on our blog here.

Rowan Berry Box Stationery

Stationery Rowan Berry Box Contents:

  • Writing paper and envelopes,
  • Gift wrap, tags and ribbon,
  • Inky journal,
  • Sticker sheets,
  • Sticky notes,
  • Pentel Point liner,
  • Gold foil

Writing paper and envelopes

Writing set from Rowan Berry Box

Every great stationery collection starts with the perfect canvas for your thoughts. In this box, you'll find exquisite writing paper and envelopes, all elegantly decorated with Lavi's unique illustrations. Whether you're jotting down letters to your pen pal or leaving notes for your loved ones, this stationery will make every word feel extra special!!

Gift wrap, tags & ribbon

Gift-giving becomes an art form when you have the right materials at your fingertips. Inside this delightful box, you'll discover beautifully designed gift wrap, tags, and ribbon. Your presents will become works of art!

Inky Journal

Inky Journal

The included inky journal is a treasure trove for your thoughts, dreams, and creative musings. Lavi's illustrations adorn some of the pages for painting and colouring while other pages are left blank for your doodles and creations.

Sticker sheets

My Inky Journal Sticker sheets

Stickers are a favourite here at Under The Rowan Trees and the cherry on top of any stationery collection. In this box, you'll find sticker sheets featuring Lavi's charming illustrations. From pens to paint brushes to pots of ink, these stickers are perfect for adorning your notebooks, letters, or any surface in need of a little extra personality. Colour them in with your favourite colours or add some gold foil!

Sticky Notes

Stationery sticky notes

We all know that sticky notes are a lifesaver when it comes to organization and quick reminders. The Rowan Berry Box includes a collection of stylish and functional sticky notes that will not only help you stay organized but also brighten up your workspace.

Pentel Point Liner

Pentel Point Liner

No stationery collection is complete without a trusty pen, and the Pentel Point Liner is a true gem. It offers smooth, precise writing and is perfect for sketching, note-taking, or adding that finishing touch to your artwork. With this pen in hand, you're ready to bring your ideas to life. Not to mention it's water and fade resistant! So you can use it to create some of your own illustrations and ink them.

Gold Foil

Gold Foil

Last but certainly not least, our box wouldn't be complete without a touch of luxury. Gold foil accents add a dash of elegance to your stationery collection, elevating it to a whole new level. Whether it's a subtle detail on your writing paper or a shimmering touch on your gift tags, gold foil is pure magic!

Lavi has also kindly recorded a video on how to use the gold foil found in your Rowan Berry Box. You can watch it here!

Get your Rowan Berry Stationery Themed Box here. 

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