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Cacti & Crystals Rowan Berry Stationery Subscription Box

Aug 11, 2023

The Cacti & Crystals Rowan Berry box is here! Here we will peek at the contents and give you some ideas on using them. Let us know in the comments how you have used yours too!

This month we decided to explore the magical world of Cacti & Crystals! The box includes…

  • A6 notepad
  • Cacti Gel Pen - one of six designs!
  • Paperclips
  • Holographic sticker
  • 6 x Scrapbooking papers
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers
  • Amethyst Pillar Pendant

Photos from our lovely ambassador @the.paper.sparrow

Scrapbooking papers for plant lovers

This month's box includes beautiful scrapbooking papers decorated with the most lovely watercolour illustrations of cacti and succulents. The colours will complement any journal spread! You could also use them to wrap teeny presents for your plant-loving friends. And the best part? They’re double-sided!

The box also contains one roll of washi tape and two sticker sheets. Again, they feature watercolour illustrations of cacti & succulents - lovely even if a bit spiky!

Washi tape is a great low-tac tape that you can easily remove if needed and is great to use on other paper products. Try using it to border your journal spreads or use it as a header to write on in your scrapbooks. (Want to learn a bit more about Washi tape? We wrote a blog post which you can read here.


Cacti gel pen

This may be our favourite addition to this month's box! With six designs available it is an exciting surprise to find out which one is in your box. They write beautifully and will cheer up your day with their quirky design. Get your Rowan Berry Box and then collect them all!

Eye-catching holographic sticker

Carry a crystal with you wherever you go by placing this durable sticker on your phone or journal! We are in love with the almost iridescent quality of this sticker and it’s perfect for the more hardy placements.

Cacti & Crystals Customer bullet journal  Cacti & Crystals Customer bullet journalCacti & Crystals Customer bullet journal

Photos shared by @zeynepzeesertkaya

Cute A6 desk pad for all of your list writing needs!

When we saw this little addition we couldn’t believe how cute it was! And what better way to incorporate some real Japanese culture into the box than this little pen / chopstick rest. Whether you’re practicing your brush lettering or tucking into some sushi, this little guy will hopefully make things a little less messy!

Gifts for crystal lovers

We had to include a real crystal, too! This box contains an Amethyst Pillar pendant. We’re pleased with how this turned out and think it will make a great addition to your crystal collection - whether your collection is just starting or you are a seasoned collector!

Here are some ways you can use your Amethyst pendant…

  1. Use it as a pendant on a silver necklace and wear it around your neck.
  2. Attach it with some colourful thread to a sturdy piece of card (preferably with a lovely pattern) and use it as a bookmark
  3. Use some cotton cord and loop it through your phone case to use as a phone charm

While diving into all things crystal we wrote a blog post about Amethyst and its uses. You can read that here.

Cute paperclips for your diaries and journals

Last but not least we have some seriously CUTE paperclips included in this month's box! Three clips, each in a different design and colour to keep it interesting. We love to use these clips in our journals so that we can find our page straight away or use them to keep sentimental items like cinema ticket stubs and handwritten letters in our scrapbooks.

You can buy a Cacti & Crystals box here or you can sign up for our subscription here. Our next theme is ‘Panda & Pip’ and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

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