Say hello to our new Rowan Berry Box Ambassadors! - Under the Rowan Trees

Say hello to our new Rowan Berry Box Ambassadors!

At Under The Rowan Trees, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to spark creativity and spread joy within our stationery addict community. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Rowan Berry Box Ambassadors! Over the next six months, these talented individuals will receive a monthly box of inspiration and share their unique creations with all of us.

Our Rowan Berry Box Ambassadors are passionate about all things stationery and bring a wealth of creativity and inspiration. They will be showcasing how they use our products in their daily lives, from bullet journaling and crafting to planning and more. 

We can’t wait for you to meet our ambassadors and see the magic they create with their Rowan Berry Boxes!



"I’m an avid journal keeper and analogue enthusiast. Having fallen into the journaling habit during lockdown, I discovered the practice of journaling was a great creative outlet for recording ideas, emotions and the simple joys of everyday life. I host a monthly Journal Club at Hunter Paper Co, Ballyhackamore, Belfast and I run junk journaling & mindful creative journaling courses at The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast.

This is my second time working with Under the Rowan Trees as an ambassador and am excited to get creative with the upcoming Rowan Berry Boxes"

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‘My stationary addiction started in 2020 when I picked up the hobby of penpalling and has grown steadily ever since !! Pens, stickers, journals, washi paper, you name it, I love. Certainly the most positive addiction I can think of and I see no signs of stationary sobriety soon ha !!’ 

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"I am a primary school teacher who loves to be creative. My favourite journal is my bujo which I have been using for many years. I love sharing what I create on Instagram and uploading plan with me and unboxing videos on my YouTube every now and then. I love using stickers in my planners and making memory spreads to look back on in the future. Journalling allows me to have a creative outlet whilst keeping me organised and planned for the day. If you want to find out more come and find me on Instagram and say hi :)
I plan because it helps to keep me on track with my daily tasks. I love how my bujo allows me to have a creative outlet whilst still keeping me productive. There is nothing like flicking through a completed journal and seeing all the completed spreads. I also love looking back on memories of what I have done. I write short daily summaries in my bujo to keep memories about my day."

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"I'm Ellie, a stationery enthusiast from Bristol, UK. My passion for stationery began in childhood, with the excitement of new school supplies. As an adult, I experience similar joy when discovering Japanese stationery. For the past eight years, I've been dedicated to journaling in my Hobonichi planner, adorning its pages with washi tape and stickers. Recently, I've also fallen in love with the exquisite Sailor fountain pens, adding a new dimension to my stationery collection."

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'During lockdown whilst I was doing my undergraduate, I became a Bookstagrammer and found my passion for reading. Now that my Master's degree is completed, although I have always loved stationary for studying and being creative, I am trying my hand at Journaling and I am even more obsessed! I’m excited to show more of my creative side in my content using the stunning new supplies in my Rowan Berry Box subscription!'

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"I'm a mother of 6 who discovered journaling during the COVID pandemic late 2019 and have since then learned to embrace my creative side and allow myself some well deserved me time. I've always loved stationery, buying school supplies was always a treat and  now I get to share that love with some of my kids."

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