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How Bullet Journalling Can Help People with ADHD

Bullet journalling has taken the organisational world by storm and because of it's fully customisable system, it is now loved by creatives, students, office workers AND now by people with ADHD. 

We have written this blog post to help you along and think of creative ways to use bullet journalling to help with your every day life!

What is bullet journalling?

First things first, what exactly is a Bullet Journal? Think of it as a customisable, personalised planner that you create from scratch. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by preset layouts and designs, the Bullet Journal lets you have full control over what goes into it.

Your journal becomes your own work of art, reflecting your personality, quirks, and, of course, your superpowers! And of course you don't need to be arty, a bullet journal focuses on practicality and customising it with your creativity is just an added bonus. 

Focus and productivity with bullet journalling

Do you often feel like your mind is a bit chaotic, full of ideas but finding it difficult to focus on one task at a time? Welcome to the ADHD club! Bullet Journaling can be your small piece of calm.

As you sit down to plan and organise your days, you're giving yourself a chance to declutter your thoughts and channel them into creative expression. Doodling, sketching, or even just adding a pop of colour can help you relax and refocus on what truly matters.

Flexibility and flow

One of the greatest things about the Bullet Journal is its flexibility. ADHD brains can thrive on variety and change, and with this system, you can adapt your journal to your current needs.

If a weekly layout doesn't work for you, try a daily or monthly one. If you find trackers helpful, go ahead and create them!

With the Bullet Journal, you're not confined by rigid rules. Instead, you can let your creativity flow and make the system work for you—not the other way around.


Goodbye overwhelm, Hello mindfulness!

When you have ADHD, keeping track of everything can feel incredibly overwhelming. But fear not! Bullet Journaling encourages mindfulness and intentional living. As you sit down to plan, you're taking a moment to assess your priorities, acknowledge your emotions, and make conscious decisions about how you want to spend your time. This practice helps reduce overwhelm and brings more clarity into your life.


Migrating tasks and reflecting

One of the most powerful tools in the Bullet Journal arsenal is the migration process. At the end of each month, you review your tasks and decide what to carry over to the next month. This reflection fosters self-awareness, allowing you to learn from your experiences and adjust your approach. It's not about perfection but progress!

So, if you've been looking for something to support you on your quest for productivity, the Bullet Journalling system is your trusty companion. It's more than just a notebook; it's a safe space for your thoughts, dreams, and everything in between.

Want to get started with bullet journalling? Check out our Journalling Starter Set and our blogpost on how to start your bullet journal!


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