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It's Time To Take A Look At Our Previous Rowan Berry Boxes!

As we are past the halfway point in the year we thought it would be a good idea to take a trip down memory lane and look at the past Rowan Berry Stationery Subscription boxes of 2023!

But, before we get into the themes and contents of this year let's talk about why the Rowan Berry Stationery Subscription box is so AMAZING!

If you're someone who adores scrapbooking, organising and bullet journaling, then a stationery subscription box would be an absolute game-changer for you!

Imagine receiving a wonderful surprise every month right to your door, filled to the brim with high-quality pens, colourful stickers, washi tapes, decorative papers, and other fantastic goodies. Not only will it fuel your creativity and keep you inspired, but it will also ensure that you never run out of essential supplies. With a subscription box, you'll have a treasure trove of materials at your fingertips, making your scrapbooking sessions even more exciting.

Plus, it's perfect for keeping your bullet journal organised and jazzing up those pages with eye-catching designs. Get ready to elevate your crafting experience to a whole new level!

    Tropical Madness

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    Panda & Pip

    This box is FULL of Summer fun and your new friends Panda & Pip! Filled with the cutest items including a Legami pencil with removable Panda eraser AND a Legami Panda eraser scented with strawberries. This box is for the Kawaii lovers! You can purchase this box here and also read more into the contents and how to use them via this blog post!


    Cacti & Crystals

    Plant lovers unite! It doesn't matter how green fingered you are, you can enjoy this box anyway! For this theme we leaned into the world of cacti & crystals... so this box is truly magical! As well as a boat load of beautiful stationery, this box even includes your very own Amethyst crystal pillar pendant. Find out how to use the Amethyst crystal pendant here and more about the rest of the contents in this blog post!



    For April we wanted to include some beautiful Cherry Blossom and what better way than to celebrate all things JAPAN! This is one of our favourite boxes and includes so many beautiful pieces including a Pentel Brush pen, novelty Sushi erasers AND a cute little pen (or chopstick!) rest. We wrote a blog post on the contents and how to use your brush pen here.



    This box is filled to the brim with beautiful Spring themed illustrations and colours. It includes the CUTEST Legami erasable Bunny pen AND 4 x Stabilo 68s pens! The sticker sheets and washi tape are adorned by watercolour rabbits and eggs. You can order yours here.



    We're getting arty for this one! As well as including Pentel watercolour pencils AND a watercolour brush pen, this box also has a mixed media colouring/sketchbook which includes scrapbook papers, colouring templates and blank pages for the more adventurous! And don't forget the stickers and washi tape too. You can purchase your Ocean box here!


    So, whether you're a scrapbooking enthusiast, an organisation aficionado, or a passionate bullet journaller, a stationery subscription box is the ultimate gift to yourself.

    It's like receiving a monthly dose of joy and creativity, delivered right to your doorstep. With a variety of beautiful supplies and endless possibilities, you'll never be short on inspiration.

    Say goodbye to running out of supplies or searching high and low for that perfect sticker or pen. Embrace the convenience, the excitement, and the endless creative potential that a stationery subscription box brings. Treat yourself to this delightful experience, and let your imagination soar with each new box that arrives.

    Happy crafting and journaling!

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