Wicca After Dark Rowan Berry Box - Under the Rowan Trees

Wicca After Dark Rowan Berry Box

Aug 17, 2023

The Wicca After Dark Rowan Berry Box is here!

See the contents and get inspiration for how to use them.

Do add your own suggestions in the comments too!

Wicca After Dark Subscription Box

I know stickers are always your favourite items in the box as they are so versatile. I didn't think glossy was the way to go for this theme so I chose to get them printed on washi paper, exactly the same as on the rolls (see more detail below). This means that they are slightly opaque and easier to reposition until you are happy with where you have stuck them.

Stickers are a great way to quickly decorate a page in your diary to add personality to an envelope. Why not use them to mark important dates on your calendar or as bullet points for a special list?

My inner child also had fun putting together a sheet of stickers which you can use to create your own scene. Arrange on your page or on textured paper to create your own witch's cabin hidden away in the woods.

Do you think they would work as fuzzy felts?

The Wicca box contains three rolls of washi in different widths. Each roll measures 10 metres in length.

Washi is a traditional Japanese paper made from plant material. It is opaque and slightly textured making it much more interesting to work with. It can easily be torn by hand and the adhesives used are ideal for working with paper as they can be carefully lifted and repositioned without leaving residue or damaging your page.

The narrowest of the washi tapes in this set (10mm) is ideal for creating a checklist or edging/dividing your page.

Decorated with individual illustrations, the 15mm washi can be used as individual stickers or as a strip with a repeating pattern. I like to jazz up a plain page by sticking it along the edge.

At 30mm the widest tape is much more suited to sealing envelopes, decorating a parcel or wrapping around objects to decorate them. Washi tape sticks better to some surfaces than others and is not designed to take much weight but you are unlikely to do damage so experiment. Avoid sticking it to anything valuable or with a delicate surface though, just in case.

Wicca After Dark Box Washi Tapes

The artwork looks stunning on these square postcards. They are printed on 350gsm uncoated paper so you can write on the back easily. Whether you choose to frame them, stick them in your journal or send them to a friend, they are too pretty to hide away in a drawer.

You could use the widest of the washi tapes like a hinge to add these postcards to your journal so that they fold back like an additional page.

Alternatively, you can write a secret or powerful message on the back and use washi at the corners to hold it in place so that it can only be read when removed.

Scrapbooking papers can be cut to size and used to decorate a page in your journal or photo album. You can also use them to make pockets or envelopes to store other items.

I love vintage botanical prints and thought this artwork was far too beautiful not to be seen. If you have wall space, pop them in a frame and show them off. Running out of room on the walls like me? use washi tape to include them in your journal, pin them on your noticeboard or use them as a giant postcard to send to someone you love.

I believe creativity in all its forms is essential for our mental and physical well-being.

I wanted to include a simple and accessible craft activity so everyone could create a little something.

Your bag contains (almost) everything you need to make your own wooden bead and felt ball tassel. You can use it just as a decoration, or add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil and hang it by your desk, bed or in your car depending on what mood you want to create.

Grab some scissors, a sturdy needle and the 'Create Your Own Tassel' instruction card and get threading.

Top tip: wrap the yarn around the card lengthways to create a longer tassel or use the shorter width for a chunky one.

Feel free to add extra bits from your craft stash but most importantly, relax and enjoy!

Mushroom Rubber Stamp and Ink Pad

Mushroom Stamp kit Wicca After Dark Box

Top tips for using your stamp and ink:

  1. If the surface of your stamp feels a little rough or uneven, very gently rub over the surface with an emery board.
  2. Place the ink pad on top of the stamp rather than the other way around and gently tap it several times for a more even coverage.
  3. You can also use water-based marker pens to cover the stamp, this means you can use more than one colour at a time quite easily.
  4. If your image appears smudged you may have pressed down too hard on the paper. Make sure you practice on a spare piece of paper first.
  5. If you think the image might be too dark or too intense then lightly stamp on onto a piece of spare paper first then onto your journal. This is called 'second generation printing'.
  6. To clean your stamp use soap and water or a baby wipe and then blot dry before storing.

A little treat from Edding, these 1200 metallic pens are ideal for use on both light and dark paper and can even write on glossy surfaces like some greeting cards and envelopes.

They are quick drying and lightfast.

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