Wander After Dark Rowan Berry Box - Under the Rowan Trees

Wander After Dark Rowan Berry Box

Aug 11, 2023

The WANDER Rowan Berry Box After Dark is here!! Get a look inside the box and find out tips on how to use it!

In the Wander After Dark box you will receive:

  • Travellers notebook
  • Pen loop
  • Wooden fountain pen and ink
  • Vellum (veggie friendly) and journal cards
  • Stickers
  • Paperclip


Travellers Notebook

This is one of the most exciting products we have created this year!! Danielle has been itching to create our very own Under The Rowan Trees journal and thought this box would be the perfect way to test it out!

Made with vegan-friendly leather and embossed with the Rowan Tree symbol, this notebook is the perfect companion for your adventures! PLUS we haven’t even told you the best part yet… it’s refillable!!!


Get your refills here!

Pen loop

Never lose your pen again with this handy pen loop! We’ll get into the fountain pen in just a moment but this beautiful gold and vegan-friendly leather pen loop clips on to your journal for ease of use. 

Fountain pen and ink 


This beautiful fountain pen is a wonderful addition to the Wander After Dark box. It’s super smooth and a joy to use. We’ve included this to nudge you towards writing more mindfully and intentionally. The art of writing with a proper pen is something to be treasured! We firmly believe inky fingers are the sign of a true stationery lover! And of course, we’ve included a bottle of ink so you can keep your pen filled up. Want to know more about how to look after and fill your fountain pen? Read our post on this here. 


12 calligraphy tips for beginners.

Illustrated stickers


However you decide to use your journal, these stickers are ideal for planning, memory keeping or dreaming about adventures you’d love to have. They are adorned with beautiful watercolour illustrations that will get you itching to embark on your next adventure!!

Vellum Sheets and Journalling cards

We've included some veggie-friendly vellum sheets adorned with pretty illustrations and some journalling cards to help you create collages, build layers and help you plan your next adventure. 

Fountain Pen Paperclip


We simply couldn’t NOT include this gorgeous paperclip in the box!! Ideal for attaching a journaling card, ticket stub or letters to your lovely journal.

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