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Mythical Beasts After Dark Rowan Berry Box

Aug 8, 2023

The Mythical Beasts After Dark Rowan Berry Box is here!

See the contents and get inspiration for how to use them.

Do add your own suggestions in the comments too!

The Mythical Beasts After Dark Box Contains:

  • Two rolls of 30mm washi tape;
  • Washi paper sticker sheet;
  • Six square postcards;
  • Three A5 sheets of scrapbook paper;
  • Three A5 sheets of vellum;
  • A5 black paper sketchbook;
  • Set of metallic oil pastels;
  • Coliro pearlcolor;
  • Calligraphy holder and nib.


Pink Pig Sketchbook with Black Paper

Pink pig sketch book with black paper

I'd heard alot of recommendations for Pink Pig sketchbooks and thought now was the time to try them! I love that they used recycled and sustainable materials and that their products are made in the UK.

These A5 sketchbooks have 35 leaves of 150gsm cartridge paper which is perfect for using with your metallic oil pastels as well as with lots of other pens and supplies that work well on dark paper.

The spiral binding and sturdy cover mean you can sketch on the go and your pages will lay completely flat.

 Mythical beasts vellum sheets

We've had such great feedback on our scrapbook papers so have added some stunning 250gsm Rives Shetland pages to this box to spoil you!

Professionally printed plant-based translucent vellum is an absolute treat. The texture, depth of colour and crisp printing are stunning.

Vellum is often used in card making and scrapbooking to add a different texture and finish. Try layering it with other papers or create a cover page held in place by washi tape.

Create a pocket to hold other items or layer under your photographs to show them off.

As vellum is less porous than wood-based papers, make sure your hands are clean and that you use acid-free adhesives. It looks beautiful held in place with decorative paperclips.

Pentel Metallic Oil Pastels

Mythical beasts oil pastels

Oil pastels are made from a mix of pigment and oil/wax, making them simple and fun to use on a vast range of surfaces from paper to glass and more!

Pastels are entirely new to Under the Rowan Trees but I couldn't resist these metallics which inspired the black paper sketchbooks.

Tips for using oil pastels:

  • Sketch an outline using a pencil then fill it in with pastels. You can easily erase the pencil line once you have finished.
  • Press firmly and layer colours on top of each other to create a dramatic blend.
  • Press more lightly to create a more subtle blend of colours.
  • Use your fingers to blend colours into one another.
  • Be careful not to brush off any loose pigment as it may smudge. Lift the page and tap instead.
  • Try cross-hatching and stippling to create different effects.

For more oil pastel tips and tutorials click here.

Coliro Pearlcolors - Magical Creatures

Coliro Pearlcolors are artists' colours that can be mixed with water and then used directly with a brush or pen. They are wonderfully creamy and highly pigmented.

They can be used on lots of different surfaces and are suitable for calligraphy and painting. They are very lightfast so will not fade.

The 'Magical Creatures' range seemed the perfect accompaniment to the Mythical Beasts box. Each box includes one of the selection so you can try them out in your new black paper sketchbook.

We also included a nib and penholder. Not only ideal for lettering but as you can see from Rachel's photo, a pointed nib is a great drawing tool, allowing you to create much more delicate lines than you could achieve with a paintbrush.

For the perfect colour result, put a few drops of water on the colour and wait a few minutes until the colour pigments have dissolved. Then mix well with a brush until a creamy consistency is achieved.

The colour can then either be used straight away with a brush or applied to both sides of a quill for calligraphy.

Don't forget to prep your nib: With new nibs, it is important to wash off the oil film with water and a little washing-up liquid before using it for the first time - otherwise, the colour will remain on the nib. You can also use toothpaste, a flame, or stick it in a raw potato!

Learn more about calligraphy nibs here.

Get a set of six Magical Creature Coliros in a metal tin to add to your collection! Includes Sphinx, Unicorn, Mermaid, Fairy, Medusa and Dragon.

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