‘We’re All Mad Here’ – Alice in Wonderland

I had great fun putting together the Alice in Wonderland Stationery Box. The story is so full of vivid images that I was spoiled for choice when it came to content. I tried to include as many different elements as possible: from tea and cake to playing cards and flamingos.

Pens and Pencils
Flamingo Paperclips
Washi Tape
Drink Me
Eat Me

Major inspiration for this box came from the amazing notepad and pencils from Literary Emporium on Etsy. Do pop over and have a look at some of their gorgeous items.

When I thought of the Queen of Hearts I couldn’t resist this ballpoint pen. It is over the top, loud and fun just like her. Hopefully it won’t be off with your head!

I’m a big fan of Clipper Tea. I chose to include a bag of Organic English Breakfast Tea as they are fairtrade and the bags are unbleached and plastic free. A cup of tea would be the perfect accompaniament to your jam tarts – I want to see photos on Instagram!

As well as the recipe for easy jam tarts, I’ve also included a recipe for a Victoria Sandwich. I want to get you all baking so you can have your own ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. If your baking skills are like mine, however, you may have to settle for some heart sweets and cake shaped stickers.

After much international hunting, I came across the perfect Alice in Wonderland washi tape. I love the illustrations and the subtle colour palette. The playing card washi tape all took some sourcing. I thought the vintage feel worked really well with the rest of the items in the box.

The Alice stickers I chose to include are not from the original drawings but something a bit fun and different. I liked the childlike innocence of the style and know that lots of you have children who pinch the contents of your box so these are perfect for sharing.

Last but not least is an old favourite: a pin badge. Those of you who have subscribed from the start probably have quite a collection now! There are seven different designs. Which one did you get?

I didn’t include a calendar page in this box and some of you missed it so I have made it available as an instant download. Follow the link and add to your basket. Check out as normal.

Love your Alice in Wonderland box?

Pre-order now.

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  • My pin badge was a crown, simply beautiful


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