Samantha’s Top Entry Level Fountain PensSamantha

I went to a school where regulation knickers but more importantly fountain pens were compulsory. Rollerballs and ballpoint pens were considered to be the work of the devil. So as soon as I left school my head was turned by the newfangled rollerball and I never looked back. 

My husband always uses a beautiful fountain pen I bought him when he qualified as a solicitor but I have never fancied one.  Until now, nearly forty years later.  I started working with Danielle and it is like being a kid in a sweetie shop!  I am left-handed with short plump fingers which makes things a trifle difficult but I am slowly but surely trying out the pens that we stock here in The Rowan Room. 

STABILO’s BeYou! range has lots of entry-level pens with a great selection of funky colours. They make writing fun and the strawberry pen just makes me smile! Their Flow range is chunkier but with a grip zone that makes it really comfortable to hold and write with. The colourways are muted but unusual. We have a sample of the Fresh Lavender pen in the office and I have claimed it as my own!

Stabilo Flow Cosmetic Fountain Pen - Fresh Lavender

Recently I have been drooling over Kaweco’s Perkeo pen in the Breezy Teal colour. I borrowed Danielle’s pen which has a fine nib and found it a little scratchy ( probably because I am left-handed) so I plumped for the medium nib and I am in love.  Mine is filled with Summer Purple ink and it is a joy to write with. It is a more traditional looking pen than the Stabilos. It is substantial but is also lightweight. Kaweco are launching their Vibrant Violet pen on May 17th, I am dying to give it a try. 

Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen New Colours Breezy TealThe Lamy Safari pen screams beautiful 1980s styling to me. They offer a left-handed nib that writes so smoothly and is a nice weight to hold in your hand.  It could well be my next purchase but what colour to choose? 

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

And talking of colours. There is such an amazing range of coloured inks to choose from it makes perfect sense to have a selection of fountain pens – why not have one for each coloured ink?

Oh and by the way the Stabilo Be You rollerballs use ink cartridges. Now that would blow my old headmaster’s mind! 

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