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STABILO SENSOR M is a classicly designed pen available in 8 vibrant colours. The spring-loaded fineliner has a cushioned metal-encased medium tip for a wider line width of 0.7mm. The micro cushioning is used to withstand pressure and fits perfectly into your pencil case. The pen gives the ultimate comfort to those who spend a lot of time during their day writing or drawing at university, school or work.

Set of 4 – Light green, turquoise, pink and lilac.

  • The metal-encased spring loaded nib prevents bending and breaking.
  • The micro cushioning will create a relaxed feeling whilst writing or mind mapping.
  • Excellent writing comfort even under pressure at school or university.
  • STABILO SENSOR is ideal for use with a ruler or stencil due to its fine tip.
  • STABILO SENSOR is ideal for use with a ruler due to its fine tip.
  • The line width of 0.7mm is perfect for mind mapping or colouring.

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Weight 71 g

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0.7 mm

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