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Moblique 2-in-1 is a straight & oblique penholder designed by Luis Creations.

Ergonomically designed to fit beautifully in the hand, this is the only penholder you may ever need. As well as easily converting from a straight to oblique pen holder, it has a compartment to hold nibs inside the body. The perfect tool for a capsule pencil case or for taking with you for calligraphy on the go.

Ideal for beginners as it is lightweight and will allow you to try both straight and oblique (angled) holds.

Nibs are available separately.

10 colours are available: English Rose, Dead Sea Clay, Mint Leaf, Purple Sand, Blue Coral, Pink Pearl, Golden Sunshine, Copper Sunrise, Silver Storm and Moonlight Shadow.

If the flange (section that holds the nib) feels too loose, use some pliers to tighten or alter the shape so that your nib is held snuggly.

See the full modern calligraphy collection here.


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Blue Coral, Copper Sunrise, Dead Sea Clay, English Rose, Golden Sunshine, Mint Leaf, Moonlight Shadow, Pink Pearl, Purple Sand, Silver Storm


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