Magic Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors


Magical Creatures set of six Coliro Pearlcolors – a great introduction to the beautiful range of unique metallic shades.

  • Perfect for creating wonderful shiny effects and have a lovely wavy surface
  • Lightfast and pigment-rich
  • Opaque
  • Made out of Mica-Pigments and Gum Arabic
  • Free of animal ingredients

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Shimmer pearl colors look almost white on a light background, on a black background they shine in the most beautiful colours!

The palette consists of these shades: Silver Pearl , Fine Gold , Copper Pearl , Fine Lilac , Blue Pearl and Green Pearl . A flyer with the colour names is included with each set.

The individual colours of the set with a size of 30mm can of course be exchanged and purchased individually from us. All coliro pearl colors are handcrafted with a lot of love by Finetec GmbH in Germany.

Coliro Pearlcolors can be used in the same way as watercolours, simply using a brush and water. They are suitable for most surfaces including paper, stone and wood. Perfect to use on dark paper, they are ideally suited for calligraphy but are suitable for many techniques in the same way watercolours would be. Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors are manufactured using only Mica-Pigments and Gum Arabic.

This Magic set contains:

  • Silver Pearl
  • Fine Gold
  • Copper Pearl
  • Fine Lilac
  • Blue Pearl
  • Green Pearl

Please note: because each colour is hand-made no two colour pots are the same. Additionally, the colour pots are slightly curved at the bottom due to the natural drying process, this means sometimes a little hole can appear in the middle of the colour pot after some use. This is not a default but an effect on the manufacturing process.

Magic Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors contain no animal ingredients and are suitable for Vegans.

Learn more about Pearlcolors here.

See the full range here.

Additional information

Weight 88 g
Dimensions 22.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 cm


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