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Pigment Decobrush markers give artists the freedom of creation. Their opaque paint can be used on paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, textiles and lots more. The opaque matte paint can also be used on dark surfaces with techniques still unavailable to other markers. When painting, the markers will not through the paper.

Pigment Decobrush paints inside the markers are similar to acrylic paints. Moreover, they are enclosed in an easy-to-use body with a flexible, brush-shaped nylon tip. The colours can be blended until the paint is completely dry. The drying time of the paint depends on the surface. After going fully dry, the paint becomes waterproof, yet can be removed from most surfaces. Use an appropriate varnish if you wish your art to be permanent.

Pigment Decobrush markers contain 2.4ml of non-toxic opaque organic pigment-based paints.

IMPORTANT: To prevent the sensitive brush tip from fraying, you should only write on smooth paper/surfaces if possible.

To create a colour gradient (= blending) with the PIGMENT markers, e.g. within a word, first, apply the first colour and let it dry briefly. Then paint the second colour about 1/3 of the area above it and carefully mix the colour pigments with the first colour at the transition. To do this, carefully run the front 2-3mm of the brush tip over the second colour. It is best to use smooth, non-absorbent papers/surfaces, such as the Canson Imagine Mix Media paper.

  • 84 colours (colour numbers correspond to the PANTONE colours)
  • Tank with 2.4 ml of paint
  • Flexible brush pen tip
  • Water-based acrylic ink
  • Once dry, waterproof and permanent (but not scratch-resistant)
  • Can be used on many materials such as paper, metal, glass, plastic and textiles
  • UV light resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • On textiles, the ink can be fixed by ironing (on the back) and washed at 40 degrees

Store only horizontally with the tip slightly inclined downwards. This is the only way to protect the brush pen tips of the markers from drying out.


Shake the marker well before use (no pumping necessary and can be used immediately). If the ink flow is poor or the opacity is too low, shake the pen again. If the marker should dry out, you can reactivate it by doing the following:

  1. Shake well
  2. Store horizontally for an hour with the tip slightly down
  3. Briefly dip the tip in clean water
  4. Paint with it on a sheet of paper until the paint flows properly again
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 if necessary

Download the care leaflet here.

Additional information

Weight 12 g

000U white, 021U bright orange, 032U red, 072U indigo blue, 100U pastel yellow, 102U canary, 109U gold, 110U ochre, 124U rose wood, 155U almond, 156U pastel pumpkin, 169U soft peach1, 172U orange red, 176U soft peach2, 183U rose pink, 190U pale pink, 199U poppy, 203U pastel red, 211U cerise, 212U antique pink, 213U magenta red, 215U burgundy, 231U pink, 259U lilac, 265U pale violet, 267U aubergine, 283U pastel blue, 285U Egyptian blue, 294U sapphire blue, 2975U duck egg, 300U azure, 337U pastel green, 340U ocean teal, 343U olive black, 347U green, 358U pastel light green, 361U grass, 371U olive green, 376U leaf green, 382U apple, 397U lime green, 427U cool grey 1, 428U cool grey 2, 429U cool grey 3, 433U black, 434U warm grey1, 435U warm grey2, 436U warm grey3, 441U neutral grey1, 442U neutral grey2, 443U neutral grey3, 471U henna, 477U sepia, 630U cool aqua, 722U praline, 725U sandstone, 730U cinnamon, 1345U blush, 1355U pale orange, 1505U amber, 1555U pastel orange, 1575U peach, 1635U salmon pink, 1645U mango, 1675U copper brown, 1788U fire red,, 1797U lipstick red, 1817U cocoa, 1895U pastel magenta red, 2365U pastel pink, 2405U red lilac, 2562U pastel red lilac, 2587U plum, 2635U pastel violet, 2705U pastel violet blue, 2728U royal blue, 2735U violet blue, 2915U aegean, 2925U light azure, 2935U true blue, 3145U turquoise, 3285U lush green, 3965U sulphur yellow, 3985U curry


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1 review for Karin Pigment Decobrush

  1. Allison Coleman (verified owner)

    An ink-redible range of colours, very difficult to choose from. Lovely for lettering or filling in patterns. Super smooth flow, what’s not to love?

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