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Talens Ecoline Watercolour Brush Pens Violet set contains all my favourite shades!

Ecoline Brush Pens are filled with Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Ink. Ecoline ink offers artists a vibrant and rewettable fluid watercolour that is suitable for a range of artistic techniques. Their ink is transparent and dye-based and can be used to create washes of colour and detailed illustrations.

These highly versatile pens can be used to create a vast range of marks. Use their fine tip for the smallest of details, or utilize the side of the brush to create bold, sweeping marks.

As these inks are dye based they are not lightfast, therefore it is recommended that your work is stored away from direct sunlight.

They are usable on any surface suited for watercolour; use them for painting, product design, illustration, fashion design or even calligraphy!

This set contains 5 brush pens in the following colours: (350, 507, 545, 361, 548)

Ecoline Watercolour Brush Pens – Violet

  • Several colours can be used together for easy blending and brushes can also be used to mix tones or soften lines
  • Held vertically the handy brush pens are capable of achieving fine detail
  • Held at an angle with the belly of the brush dragging they make thicker lines
  • Capable of responding to pressure and making a range of flowing interesting lines
  • Vibrant colour
  • Inks can be thinned to create gorgeous washes
  • Not waterproof so can be re-wetted once dry
  • 5mm brush nib enables a wide range of marks
  • Fast drying and odourless

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  1. Ange (verified owner)

    These are just…phwoar!! Lovely colours and great packaging 💜

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