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Self-Care Challenge 2020

Self Care January
Self Care January Prompts

Welcome to Self-Care January.

After the business of December, the excesses of Christmas and the festivities of New Year, January can be rather blue for many of us.

This is the third year of Self-Care January hosted by Under the Rowan Trees. The challenge is based around the theory that it takes 30 days to make a habit. By spending just 30 minutes each day looking after yourself, by the end of the month, we will hopefully have built a habit of self-care that will last throughout 2020 and beyond.

Self-Care Challenge Day One Self-Care Challenge Day Two Self-Care Challenge Day Three Self-Care Challenge Day Four Self-Care Challenge Day Five Self-Care Challenge Day Six Self-Care Challenge Day Seven Self-Care Challenge Day Nine Self-Care Challenge Day Ten Self-Care Challenge Day Eleven Self-Care Challenge Day Twelve Self-Care Challenge Day Thirteen Self-Care Challenge Day Fourteen Self-Care Challenge Day Fifteen Self Care January Day Sixteen Self Care January Day Seventeen Self Care January Day Eighteen Self Care January Day Nineteen Self Care January Day Day Twenty Self Care January Day Twenty-One Self Care January Day Twenty Two Self Care January Day Twenty-Three Self Care January Day Twenty-Five Self Care January Day Twenty-Five Self Care January Day Twenty-Six Self Care January Day Twenty-Seven Self Care January DayDay Twenty-Eight Self Care January Day Twenty-Nine Self Care January Day Thirty Self Care January Day Thirty-One

What does Self-Care January Involve?

All you need to commit to is scheduling 30 minutes a day to take care of yourself. Whether it is first thing in the morning, during your lunch break or after the kids are in bed is totally up to you.

Each day on Instagram and Facebook I will share a daily prompt. The full list is also available so that you have a bit of advanced warning. If you can’t make something work on the suggested day, don’t worry. It’s all about self-care not self-torture. Swap things around to make them work for you. What if you don’t like my suggestions? No problem. As long as you are spending 30 minutes focussing on you and what makes you happy then go for it!

If you would like to, share the prompts on social media using the #SelfCareJanuary hashtag. Share a picture of what you have been doing in your feed or in your stories making sure to tag @UndertheRowanTrees so I can see how lovely and happy everyone is.

Can I have some more help to keep me on track?

Absolutely! Make sure you have signed up to the daily emails which will include some more ideas to help you make the most of your 30 minutes each day.

Come and Join my Facebook group where we can support each other and share our top self-care tips.

How can I use my journal to help me?

Lots of people use trackers in their journals or planners for all sorts of things from drinking enough water to taking their vitamins. A self-care tracker is a fantasic way to keep track of your daily 30 minutes. Here’s one I made earlier!

January Blues Stationery Box

The theme for the next Stationery Box is January Blues. Taking inspiration from Panatone’s colour of the year ‘Classic Blue’ and the Japanese art of Shibori, this box of stationery goodies will help you battle the new year blues. It will be posted out on the 20th of January. Only a limited number available so sign up now.

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