Satisfy Your Wanderlust – Stationery Box Reveal

Wanderlustn, the wish to travel far away and to many different places.

This Stationery Box was inspired by travel and adventure. I’ve always loved vintage travel posters and this month I had fun exploring world travel.

Whether you want to decorate your travel journal or add a touch of the exotic to your planner, this box will have everything you need to accompany you on your adventures.


  • Suitcase planner clip from Creative Stationery UK;
  • Mini travel stickers from Strawberry Place;
  • ‘I love getting lost with you’ greetings card;
  • Vintage Camembert postcard;
  • Reusable coffee cup postcard;
  • Bumper sticker postcard;
  • World landmark washi tape;
  • Aeroplane paperclip;
  • A little book for big ideas;
  • Luggage tag;
  • ‘Travel With Us’ print;
  • Packing list;
  • August calendar and
  • A travel inspired nail file.

The gorgeous feltie, suitcase shaped planner clip was made especially for us in the Under the Rowan Trees colours by Creative Stationery UK. Find Bet’s shop on Etsy.

Sarah from Strawberry Place made the incredibly tiny travel stickers. I prefer stickers that don’t take up half the page in my diary. These are perfect!

This month’s greeting card has been waiting for a while to find just the right theme. I spotted the design ages ago and had to order it! The design is by Emmeline Illustration and features two intrepid explorers with the message ‘I love getting lost with you’.

I had great fun choosing the postcards for this box. They are a riot of colour and include coffee cups, vintage camembert labels, retro bumper stickers and tickets for some rather unusual events! Why not use them as bookmarks or send them to your friends; join the snail mail renaissance!

World landmark washi tape. The monochrome design will fit with any colour scheme. Is that Sydney or the Tyne Bridge?

Wanderlust Stationery Box

An aeroplane paperclip ideal for keeping your travel documents together.

‘A Little Book for Big Ideas’. Perfect for making quick notes on the go or for keeping a journal of your travels. Use the matching luggage tag to mark your bag or suitcase. Also perfect for adding to a child’s school bag or P.E. kit to ensure they don’t get lost before the end of the first week of term!

The travel inspired nail file is small enough to pop in any bag but really good at keeping your nails neat wherever in the world you are!

I love the colours in the ‘Travel With Us’ print. This could be laminated and used as a divider or dashboard in your planner. Use little stickers to mark all the destinations you’ve visited. If you love it as much as me, why not frame it? I think it would look great in a child’s bedroom.

Use the calendar and packing list sheets to keep organised whilst satisfying your wanderlust!  These will also be available as free downloads for subscribers if you find them useful and would like to print more copies.

Wanderlust Stationery Box

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