Let your stationery addiction take root …

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The Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

from Under the Rowan Trees…

£20 per month including UK P&P. 

Subscribe for 12 months and get one box free.

Don’t Miss Out!

Limited Number of Boxes Each Month!

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Are you

Stationery Obsessed?


A happy hoarder of all things mark-making?


A notebook or pen

Don’t Worry!

You’re not alone…

“I’m a stationery addict!”

admits Sam,
a regular subscriber

5 Easy Steps to Feed Your Stationery Addiction:


Step 1: Sign-up before they sell-out!

Choose the Rowan Berry Box plan you want and let your stationery addiction take root.


Step 2: Get excited!

Join in with the stationery chatter in the secret Rowan Berry Box Subscribers’ Facebook Group!


Step 3: Wait!

Keep an eye on your letterbox around the 21st of the month!


Step 4:  Unbox!

Say ‘Oooooh!’ And enjoy nourishing your collection with all your new goodies.


Step 5: Delight!

Yep, delight in using your new stationery! Try out some of the techniques or ideas shared in the Facebook group!
(Don’t forget to look out for the Rowan Berry Box Big Reveal for next month’s theme!)

Image of stationery laid all over the table

Right now, is a great time to let your stationery addiction take root…

Because the Newly-Named, Much-Loved,
(Packed-Full of Blooming-Good-Stuff,)

Rowan Berry Box Logo Image

is here to grow your stationery collection!


Image of notebook centred on a table of stationery


It’s a monthly stationery subscription box

filled with unique, themed collections of stationery,

freshly-picked & popped through your letterbox!

What’s in the BOX?

…not telling!


That’s the exciting bit, you won’t know until you get it!

“I love getting a stationery surprise every month.”


So, what CAN I tell you?

  • Each box has approximately 8 to 10 surprise stationery items (depending on value per item). So you can grow and nourish your stationery collection with pens, notebooks, washi tapes and various other goodies.
  • Each box has a unique theme – from super-cute to super-sassy, laid-back florals to funky-fun flamingos…and anything in between!

There’s never a dull month with Rowan Berry Box.


  • 1 week before the renewal date (1st of the month), we’ll announce the Rowan Berry Box Big Reveal!  You’ll find out the theme – and get some sneak peeks! But you still won’t know the contents of the box.  (So, it’s more exciting to open!)

“It’s like getting a present that you didn’t know that you wanted!”


I can’t resist!

Limited Number of Boxes Each Month!

The Name!

‘Stationery Box’ was so ‘does-what-it-says-on-the-tin’!

Our new name, ‘Rowan Berry Box’ is much more ‘us’, don’t you think?

The Box Itself!

It’s totally gorgeous – and totally eco-friendly too! The packing tape I even bio-degradeable.

And it fits through the letterbox! (So no worries if you’re not home when it arrives!)

The Simple Pricing Structure!
Simplified pricing makes it super-easy for you to choose the different ways to buy the boxes.
UK Postage now INCLUDED in price! (So no shocks when you check out!)(See full details below.)
The Berry Box Breather!
You can now pause your subscrition anytime for a month if you don’t fancy the theme (or if money’s a bit tight!).
The Free Facebook Group!
A community only for subscribers! (It’s like a secret party for stationery addicts!)
Get all the inspiration & tips you need to make the most of your stationery box items.
(Super-excited about getting all stationery geeky & chatty with you all!)
The Themes!
I love a good theme – and I listened to subscribers who said they did too! So, I’ll keep delighting you with new themes each month!
(And I’ll be asking for your input in the Facebook group!)
The Quality!
Products you’ll love from quality UK and international brands and designers.
So you can binge on your favourite brands and discover new ones too!
The StationBerry Mix!
As always, you’ll get a variety of carefully curated stationery items – pens, washi tapes, notebooks, pencils, little treats, journalling goodies etc…
And they’ll be rotated so you don’t get too much of one thing!
The Berry Box Leftovers!
Spare boxes will still be available to buy as one-offs – so you can treat a friend (or yourself!).
The Rowan Berry Box Effect!
Ooooh! That feeling when it lands through the door! You’ve got happy mail!
The Rowan Berry Box is your monthly fix of stationery surprise and delight.

Subscribe today and let your stationery collection bloom!

I can’t resist!

Limited Number of Boxes!

What you’ll love about the Rowan Berry Box…

  • Beautiful, quirky, arty, cute, fun, random, useful, quality Stationery items… and they’re all yours! (It’s a little treat each month for you!)
  • All-time favourite Brands (Like Tombow, Pentel & Zebra)
  • New brands that you’re guaranteed to grow to love!
  • Discovering your next favourite pen!
  • Limited-edition, designed-for-you items from UK & international designers
  • Expertly curated & cultivated boxes – with a different theme each month
  • Growing your stationery collection box-by-box!

But don’t just take my word for it…

 What do my subscribers love about it?

“I love the surprise of what I am going to get.”


“They are really good value for money.”


“Adorable little collections around a theme.”


“What’s not to love? It’s stationery!”


“I like discovering new items I’ve read about but not tried.”


“I love the items I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself.”



✔ Need to take a break? You can pause your subscription any time! (But who’d want to?!)
✔ And with a rolling monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time!
✔ Or with a 3, 6 or 12 month pay upfront subscription, you can opt-out when you’ve had all your boxes.


Your very own stationery-obsessed community!

Yep – the subscription includes access to the secret Rowan Berry Box Subscribers’ Facebook Group.
Inside you’ll find how-to guides, journaling ideas, printables, interviews with special guests, live Q&As, sneak peaks and lots of stationery chatter with like-minded subscribers!

Go on, treat yourself to the new Rowan Berry Box!

I can’t resist!

Limited Number of Boxes!

Hello, Stationery Addicts!

I’m Danielle…curator & cultivator of the Rowan Berry Box

 You’ll find me Under the Rowan Trees in my garden office in Northumberland, growing my online stationery shop and posting parcels of stationery loveliness worldwide.  (Oh, and I might be tending/talking to my growing office plant collection, too!)

Since 2017, I’ve grown my Stationery Box from a tiny seed of an idea into the beautiful, blossoming thing it is today –with the help of my amazing subscribers (thank you all!).  The new name in July 2020 marks a celebration of that growth.

Every item is thought about and carefully planned for months – so that variety is sown-in and relationships with brands and new designers are harvested.

All in preparation, of course, to deliver the best stationery and smiles to your door.

I’m so happy to be re-branding my much-loved stationery box.  I just love sourcing all the products for you.  Honestly, you need to be ready for some serious stationery adoration!

You’ll soon be swooning over every box. I promise!

“A curated selection of items that work well together, put together by an enthusiastic expert.”


I can’t resist!

Limited Number of Boxes!

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