Wednesday the 1st of July

After three amazing years of Stationery Box,
it’s growing, changing and branching out to become…

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Rowan Berry Box Launch Party Agenda

Rowan Berry Box Launch Party

To celebrate Rowan Berry Box and this snazzy new website, I decided to throw a party and asked some of my Stationery Addict Friends to join me. 

As promised, everything was recorded and I’ve gathered them all here for you to catch up or refer back to.

Welcome – Danielle

Blog Post Shares

Jo from Oops a Daisy – Getting Started with Stencils

Keely from KP Papercuts – Live Cut Along

Sarah from Stationery Magpie – Creating a BuJo Theme

Sarah from Inkspire Calligraphy – Modern Calligraphy for Beginners

Thank you and Goodnight with Danielle

I hope you had a fantastic day whether you watched live or caught up later. I want to say a huge thank you for the amazing support and encouragement for everyone involved. I’m so proud of our little Stationery Addict Community.



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Journaling January Challenge 2021

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Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

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