Your Roaring Twenties Stationery Box Contains:

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald Bookmark from Quote and Quill.
  • Notebook from Kallos Storm. (RRP £5)
  • Colouring page drawn especially for us by JakeArt.
  • Van Gogh Deep Gold watercolour paint. (RRP £3.95)
  • Van Gogh size 4 watercolour paint brush. (RRP £3.60)
  • Art Deco washi tape. (RRP £2.25)
  • Black card.
  • January calendar page.
  • Eisenhower matrix planning template.
  • 2020 at a glance.


Roaring Twenties Stationery Box Inspiration

Inspired by the 1920s, the Roaring Twenties Stationery Box takes its lead from the Gatsby era and the opulence of Art Deco design.

We are very lucky this month to have two items that have been made exclusively for us. Justine from Jake Art, designed this colouring page exclusively for us. I’d love to see your finished pieces; do tag me on Instagram.

The lovely Aqsa from Kallos Storm, printed one of her Midnight Geos designs onto notebooks for us. I love the deep rich navy with deep gold. It’s the perfect size for in your handbag or next to the phone for quick notes.

Quote and Quill is the home of all things gorgeous and bookish. All their products are designed and made in the UK using eco-conscious and ethical practices.

To add a little luxury to this box, I have included deep gold watercolour paint.

To use, you will need: a cup of clean water; a second cup of water if you are using multiple colours (one for rinsing your brush, one for picking up clean water); a paper towel for wiping your brush and mopping up drips; good quality paper; a flat, level work space with plenty of room.

Dip your paint brush into the clean water and use your fingers to loosen the hairs. Dip into the water again and transfer some water onto your paint pan. You should be able to see the pigment loosen into the water. Use more or less water to alter the intensity of your paint.

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is an excellent way to prioritise your to-do list according to importance and urgency.

Developed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, he used it to make tough decisions during his time as the Allied Forces Supreme Commander during World War II.

I don’t use it to deploy armies but to help me work out where to spend my time. Once I’ve split my list into the four quadrants, I can decide what to do, what to schedule, what to delegate and what to scrap. If it’s neither important or urgent, then why is it on your list?