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    • Artemis 2-in-1 Penholder

      Artemis 2-in-1 Penholder from Luis Creations. Love the Moblique? This is the next step in luxury penholders. Crystal clear resin…
    • Pigma Brush Pens Set of 3 – Black Ink

      Pigma Brush Pens are a pen and a brush all in one from fine lines to bold strokes with it's…
    • Van Gogh Metallic Watercolour Pocket Box

      Van Gogh metallic watercolours are a transparent paint with intense colours. All colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. Thanks…
    • Ecoline Liquid Watercolour

      Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colours…
    • Brause EF66 – Extra Fine 0.3 mm

      The Bruase EF66 is a highly elastic small nib with an extra fine point and very smooth reaction. Very flexible…
    • Size 4 Paintbrush

      A size 4 paintbrush is perfect for detail work or brush lettering. Suitable for use with any of the inks…
    • EF Principal Nib


      An Extra Fine nib for more experienced calligraphers.

    • Amsterdam Acrylic Ink – Lettering Set

      A stunning set of Amsterdam Acrylic Inks in traditional colours favoured in lettering and calligraphy art: white, grey, black, silver,…

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