Peg Doll Instructions

How to create your own peg doll using one of our kits and your imagination!Peg Doll Kit

You will need:Felt Pens

  • Peg doll kit
  • Scissors
  • Paint or felt pens
  • Craft glue
  • An adult to help with cutting


1. Practice how you will draw the face and hair on paper first and, when ready, draw these onto the head of the clothes peg. Use the felt tips for all the facial features and the paint, pen or pieces of wool for the hair.  Allow to dry.

Top Tip Apply a light coat of clear nail polish to the head of the clothes peg. This will prevent the ink from bleeding into the wood grain when you draw the face. Allow to dry.

2. Create clothes for your peg doll. Draw around a mug and cut out a circle of fabric. Fold into quarters then cut a small slit in the centre. Carefully push your peg through this hole to create a skirt. Secure with glue. Wrap the top of your peg with fabric or thread to create a top.

Top Tip Tie a ribbon around the waist of your peg doll to hide the top of her skirt and help to keep it in place.

Other suggestions

  • Use a pipe cleaner to create arms for your peg doll. Wrap these in matching fabric to create a dress and use small pieces of felt for hands.
  • Use paper cup cake cases to make puffy skirts.
  • Create a ‘boy’ peg doll by wrapping each leg of the clothes peg in fabric.
  • Turn your doll into a super hero by adding a felt cape.
  • Knit a tiny scarf for your doll.
  • Turn her into a mermaid by adding a tail made from pretty paper.

Have a look at our pinterest board for more ideas.