We’ve had the idea of a cocktail-themed box for a while but we didn’t think it was right for Rowan Berry Box. Guess what? It’s perfect for After Dark!

Whether you drink alcohol or not, there is enough fruity fun in this box for everyone.

On the Rocks After Dark Box Contents:

Inspired by the chalk style of the artwork, we thought you’d love to have your very own free-standing mini-chalkboard. I chose to leave the stands naked so you can decorate them to match your desk, kitchen or bar!

The board is designed to be used with liquid chalk pens (not chalk sticks) and you’ll need to use warm soapy water and a cloth to clean it. Make sure you peel the protective cover off!

Whether you want to set up your garden cocktail menu, plan your school holidays, or write motivational quotes, it’s got you covered!

Looking for inspiration? Edding have some fantastic resources on their website to show you how to get the most from your pens. They will need to be primed by following these steps:

  • Shake the marker thoroughly the cap on
  • Remove the cap
  • Pump the marker with the nib downwards on a piece of scrap paper (it can take a little while for the ink to come through. You might need to shake again).
  • Carefully pump it up and down until ink fills the nib
  • The marker is now ready to use

Have a look at these great project ideas using your new chalk pens:

You can also use your chalk pens on the reusable chalkboard stickers. These are ideal for labelling your homemade drinks or conserves. The W.I. would be proud! You could also stick them on the front of a notebook or journal.

The wonderful Jo from Oops a Daisy has not only created these amazing cocktail stencils for us but has created a video to show us how to use them. Don’t forget to use your exclusive discount code too!

The lovely Dan (A.K. A. Mr. Mix) created our very own Berry Cocktail. You’ll find all the details on your recipe card. I can’t wait to make one and give it a try. If like me you don’t have a ‘muddler’ use the end of a wooden spoon to crush your berries. It will taste just the same!

I love the sound of the non-alcoholic and frozen versions for the summer and can’t wait to try it with a spiced rum in the winter.

Do take photos of your cocktails (don’t forget your charm) and tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can party with you!

I created four different washi tapes for this box in four different widths; two horizontal and two vertical. The shot glasses make perfect little checkboxes for creating to-do lists or for dividing your pages. The others can be used to decorate your journal or for scrapbooking or card making. I think they would also be ideal for your photo album.

Stickers are always the favourite item so I’ve included two sheets. One of cocktail illustrations and one you can use in your planner.

Cocktail Stickers

The funny-shaped stickers at the top are page markers. They fold in half in the middle and stick to both sides of a page so you can easily find your place in your journal or notebook. You can line them up with the edge of the page, or let them stick out slightly to make finding the right place even easier.

The cocktail glass charms are just a little bit of fun. Hook them around the stem of your glass so that you can always remember which one is yours. They look just as cute on your keyring or bag zip.

Professional photos from our wonderful photographer will follow soon and I’m working on some digital downloads that I’ll be sharing as soon as they are ready so do keep an eye on the Facebook Group and on your email inbox.



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