Meet the team! - Danielle, Samantha and India wearing our masks, standing below a Rowan Tree.

Meet the Team!

September was a hectic month for Under the Rowan Trees. We’ve grown from a team of one to three!

Meet the team:

I accepted a few months ago that I couldn’t keep doing the jobs of 12 people and that something was going to break – I suspected it might be me. Lockdown scuppered my plans to start the search for an apprentice but by the end of the summer, I realised I just couldn’t continue alone.

I’ve always loved the idea of training someone to do what I do (but probably better). It’s the teacher in me. After the hunt for an apprentice was shared on social media, local radio and newspapers, I (Danielle) found the perfect new people to add to the team!

Samantha lives just around the corner and has two daughters in high school. We’ve known each other for a few years and when she offered to help out I bit her hand off! Her first mission was to help me pack the A Little Bird Rowan Berry Box. We did it in a couple of days rather than the week or more it usually takes me. She is now busy packing advent calendars which I am over the moon about!

India answered the call for an apprentice. She only lives ten minutes away and as a Visual Arts Graduate, she is perfect for the role. She has taken to the task of picking and packing like any true stationery addict and she has also started to take the reigns on Instagram. Alongside her training, India will be in The Rowan Room with me for around three days a week, answering your emails and getting creative with new product ideas.

As you can see from the photo, growing my team with the tight restrictions in the North East has been a bit of a challenge. We are making the most of it through and smiling beneath our masks 🙂