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How to make your own monthly page tabs

This year I bought a Passion Planner. It has a great combination of dated pages, review sections and blank pages for bullet journalling. I may have found planner peace! The only thing missing is an easy way to find my monthly overviews for future planning. Monthly page tabs needed! I had a quick look online but realised I had everything I needed to make my own beautiful page tabs which could be personalised to match my planner!  This post contains affiliate links.

Equipment Needed:

I have quite a collection of ‘First Editions’ patterned papers. They are 200 GSM and many of the sheets are double-sided which is ideal for this sort of task.  I chose a page with a pattern that wasn’t too busy so it would be easier to see the text.  I used a page for the Wild Flower collection but I also love the Beyond the Shore pad.

I then used my tab punch to punch 12 tabs along the edge of my chosen page.  These punches are amazing. They are really solid and perfect for chomping through card.  If you find your punch does start to get blunt, you can punch through some tin foil to sharpen it up again.  The punch comes with some plastic sticky covers for your page tabs which are a perfect fit. I chose not to use them for this project as I wanted to emboss my tabs and thought it would detract from the metalic text.

If you’ve tried embossing before the next part might be obvious but this is a fairly new craft to me and I’m still entranced by the magic! I found some great videos on YouTube and took recommendations for ink and supplies from some much more experienced embossers.  I chose to use an alphabet stamp to add the months to my page tabs.  I used this one from Prima Marketing as I thought it would be versatile for making gift tags etc.  The letters clip onto the block (bottom image) to create your word and to make them easier to hold.

I then used a clear embossing ink.  I find it best to keep my ink pads upside down so they stay nice and moist.  I then pressed the letter stamp down firmly onto the ink pad and gave it a good wiggle.  I used a cutting/heat proof mat as my base when stamping to protect my table and to give a nice flat surface. This enables me to press firmly and evenly to distribute the ink evenly onto the cardstock.

In order to avoid a mess and to preserve as much of my embossing powder as possible, I put my pot in the centre of a small bowl. I find my son’s plastic cereal bowls to be perfect as they have a good flat base.  I then hold my page tab with the stamped ink on over the bowl and spoon the powder generously over it and gently shake off into the pot as much as possible with the bowl catching any overspill.  If any of the ink has been missed simply spoon over some more powder and repeat.  I then tap the back of the tab to remove excess powder and give a gentle blow.  If any powder is clinging on, a small paint brush is ideal for sweeping away rogue particles.  In the photographed page tabs, I used a rose gold powder but it is available in hundreds of colours!Now for the magic!  Put your page tab on your heatproof mat and hold in place with a finger so it doesn’t blow away.  Then use your heat tool.  Hold it a couple of inches over the powder and avoid your fingers!  This is the bit I love.  The powder will transform into beautiful foiled text.

Now you just need to add your page tab to your planner.  You can use double-sided tape, the plastic covers that come with your punch or my favourite: a planner glue pen.  A quick swipe along the edge then place them along the edge of your page in a stepped fashion so that you can see several months at once.

Planner Glue Pen

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