Five Reasons to Start a Bullet Journal During Lockdown

If you’ve stumbled across the incredible planning system that is Bullet Journaling you might be intrigued as to how it can help you boost your productivity and provide an outlet for your creativity. But maybe you’re not sure how you can actually use it on a day to day basis during lockdown. Well, the good news is that there are still plenty of ways that a Bullet Journal can help us on a daily basis. It’s actually a great time to start a Bullet Journal. 

In this blog post, I’m going to show you why and if you decide you want some help starting out your first Bullet Journal, check out my hour-long online workshops ‘Get Into Bullet Journaling’ running next week via Zoom on Tuesday the 26th at 12 pm, Wednesday 27th at 8 pm and Saturday 30th at 10 am! You can get more information here and book your place here

1) Bullet Journaling Helps to Create Structure

A lot of us have lost some of that structure that generally is the thing that keeps us sane! Like me, you might be working under your own steam and have almost too much flexibility with your time. That often means I don’t wake up on time and just laze around for the first few hours of the morning. If I’ve written out a plan for my day, which can just include a to-do list, I definitely feel like my day has more structure to it and it’s a bit easier to get out of bed. 

2) You Can Express Yourself Creatively in a Bullet Journal

It’s not necessary to be creative and artistic in your Bullet Journal but it is one of my favourite parts. If you haven’t sat down to be creative in a few years it can be a little daunting to start out with but you can start small with basic hand lettering and little doodles or even just a colour scheme. I definitely find that when I’m using my creativity in my Bullet Journal I feel more motivated to actually use it which in the end improves my productivity.

3) Bullet Journaling Focusses Your Mind and Saves You Time

A lot of people think that a Bullet Journal is too time consuming and find it hard to get started because there are so many ways you can use it and some people do spend a lot of time making it look perfect and artistic. But that’s not really what it’s all about. Bullet Journaling is, at its core, a planning system. It’s not about how pretty it is, it’s about how it works in a practical way.

When used correctly (and correctly means the correct way for YOU – there is no generic correct way in my opinion) it really can focus your mind on the tasks that need tending to. Think about how much time you spend sitting in front of the TV or scrolling through social media. If you replaced that with just 15 minutes of journaling a day, imagine how much more focussed you would be on your tasks and goals.

4) It’s a Great Place to Keep Track of Projects

A lot of us are starting new projects in lockdown that we’ve never tried before. It’s great to see everyone getting stuck into new creative activities but when you start something new you might need to write down a lot of notes. For example, I’ve started trying to bake sourdough bread which it turns out has quite a lot of steps to it! I ended up writing a huge list of all the steps and ticking them off as I worked through the recipe but I’m genuinely planning on adding a page in for Sourdough notes with details on how much I’m feeding my starter and how each batch turns out! Is quarantine affecting me? Maybe, but hopefully, I’ll have some nice bread soon. 5) You Can Use Bullet Journal Spreads to Track Your Moods

If you’re anything like me your moods are all over the place at the moment. One day I feel sunny and happy and I’m dancing around the kitchen. The next I can barely get out of bed. When my moods are fluctuating so much I always find it helpful to keep track of them. You can either use a mood tracker which is when you add a page or a module on a spread and colour in boxes that denote a feeling, or you can write a line a day that describes how you felt. I also like using gratitude logs to help me find something to be thankful for every day which can be a really nice mood booster. 

So Let’s Start a Bullet Journal!

I hope I’ve inspired you to start your own Bullet Journal! I have loads more information and resources available on my blog and next week I’m running my first ever online workshops which are going to give you a demo of how the system works and give you the chance to ask any of the ‘silly’ questions you might have about how the system works and how it can be used in practice. You can find out more about them here or if you’re after some free advice to start with check out my Ultimate Bullet Journal Starter Guide! 

If you aren’t ready to book this month I’ll be doing them in the last full week of every month so make sure you subscribe to find out when the next workshops are on sale! Subscribers also get a nice little discount code!

About the Writer

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