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Journaling January Challenge 2021

Journaling January Challenge 2021

Welcome to Journaling January! For the third year in a row, we are concentrating on self-care for the first month of the year. We have decided to kick off 2021 with a whole month of journaling prompts suitable for those of you who are totally new to the idea of...

Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

September was a hectic month for Under the Rowan Trees. We've grown from a team of one to three! Meet the team: I accepted a few months ago that I couldn't keep doing the jobs of 12 people and that something was going to break - I suspected it might be me. Lockdown...

Acrylograph Pens from Archer and Olive

If you follow Bonnie from Archer and Olive on Instagram, you will have seen sneak peeks of her exclusive new pens for a little while.  Acrylograph Pens are entirely new and not like anything you have ever used before. The pens contain a water-based acrylic ink which...

How to Use a Knitting Nancy

How to Use a Knitting Nancy

How to Use a Knitting Nancy A Knitting Nancy is an early form of loom dating back over 400 years! Usually made from wood, they can also be know as a French Knitting Dolly. As a child, I spent hours creating huge long snakes of knitted cord using up odds and ends...

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