Acrylograph Pens Primary
If you follow Bonnie from Archer and Olive on Instagram, you will have seen sneak peeks of her exclusive new pens for a little while.  Acrylograph Pens are entirely new and not like anything you have ever used before.

The pens contain a water-based acrylic ink which is perfectly opaque so can be used on white, black or kraft paper. Perfect for use with a Neopolitan Journal!

Decorate your page, doodle in the margins, and plan your days in style with the newest Acrylograph pens! Acrylograph pens are also great for layering and blending as you can see in the videos below.

These Acrylograph pens make the perfect companion to your journal, notebook, planner, or other surfaces you’re inspired by. Start creating with eight signature colours (Plus white and a blank pen for blending) included in each of the pen sets or artistically blend them to create almost any colour you can think of—like paint without the mess! The video below shows how to blend multiple colours.

Available in three colour sets, (Primary, Tropical and Jewel) and two tip widths (0.7 mm or 3mm).

Acrylograph Pens Primary


Acrylograph Jewel Pens


Acrylograph Tropical Selection


Acrylograph Blending Tutorial

Acrylograph Product Review

All three Acrylogrph sets are now available to order from Under the Rowan Trees. I have a limited number of each set but will aim to restock when they sell out. As with the journals, this is not a quick process.

In both of the above videos, you can see the pens used in Archer and Olive Journals. I would recommend using these pens on a thicker paper to avoid ghosting or bleeding. They will work well with any of the sketchbooks I stock.

If you have any questions, just shout and I will do my best to answer them. I can’t wait to see how you use your pens. Do tag me on Instagram and share your images in my Facebook group so we can all see.

Acrylograph Jewel
Acrylograph Tropical Selection
Acrylograph Pens Primary
Acrylograph Tropical Selection
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